Tradition Green Tea Powder Review

December 13, 2019 0 By Yena Kuzoo

Product: Tradition Pure Green Tea Powder, Product of Taiwan

Retail Price: $10.99 (The prices of Amazon products fluctuate due to supply and demand so you may see a slight price change)

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

Size of Container: 8.8 Oz (250 Grams)

Type of Tea: Green Tea Powder

Servings: Over 50 Cups of tea

Product Overview

Tradition Pure Green Tea Powder, Product of Taiwan. All you need is about 1 teaspoon mixed with hot water if you desire a cup of tea.

Green tea powder isn’t a bad choice because you get a decent amount for how much you pay. But you do get what you pay for in the end.

And you do not get the quality that is in Matcha. 

The Differences: Green Tea Powder & Matcha

Green tea powder comes from the camellia sinensis plant, in layman’s terms it is green tea leaves.

What makes green tea powder different than Matcha is Matcha is specifically grown in Japan and grown in the shade before the youngest leaves are picked. 

Green tea powder can be grown all over the world and during its growing process it is grown under the sun all the way to the moment it’s picked. 

Green tea powder is best used while cooking. It can be used to make ice cream, lattes, muffins, etc. Cafes often use green tea powder instead of matcha to save money.

Matcha is bright green because it contains a high amount of chlorophyll. Green tea powder is more of a dull olive green.

Taste, Smell, Color, and Texture

This brand has a more bitter taste, not as rich and crisp as Matcha. Has a more plant like bitter smell. 

The color of green tea powder has a dull olive color, not as vibrant as Matcha. 

Green tea powder texture is more sandy and have bigger particles than Matcha.

Does it produce the same results as Matcha powder?

Since Green Tea Powder is a MUCH lower quality will it produce the same results as real Matcha Powder?

No, green tea powder does not produce the same results as Matcha. 

Green tea leaves that are made for green tea powder are left in the sun until it is time to pick. When green tea powder is produced it still has all the benefits of the camellia sinensis but it does have as much nutritional value nor give you the energy that Matcha will provide. 

During the Matcha growing process certain green tea plants are shaded which causes the plant to go into survival mode since its main source of food (sunlight) is limited. When shaded it slows down the growing process and causes the camellia sinensis plant to produce more chlorophyll and amino acids.

This process gives Matcha powder more umph when consumed. 


Green Tea powder is not that bad of a product if you are looking for a cheap “Matcha”. 

There are distinct differences between the two like taste, smell, color, and texture. But it does still give nutrients from the camellia sinensis, just not as much as Matcha powder would give. 

Green tea powder is better for cooking or making matcha theme beverages. It is still able to get that Matcha taste with less stress on your bank account.