Matcha Chocolate Chunk Cookies

December 18, 2020 0 By Yena Kuzoo

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Have you heard of matcha tea, matcha cake, matcha dalgona?! But have you tried matcha chocolate CHUNK cookies? 

I am going to be honest(Yena)…this was my least favorite recipe to make so far on this path of matcha. The process of creating the cookies was ok but the taste was not what I expected. Y’know when you bite into a freshly baked warm cookie a little after it’s pulled out of the oven and it sends nostalgic energy through your body? 

Well, this cookie did the opposite. It was not satisfying and we ended up eating too many because we thought if we keep eating enough maybe the next one will taste good… NOPE. It got worse. Anyways here is an explanation of the taste, texture, smell, and aesthetics of the cookie.   


The taste was definitely different from its original version. It has a sweet but bitter taste. The dark chocolate chips added to the bitterness without it being overwhelming. 

Personally the cookies tasted better while they were warm and seemed to become more bitter the longer they sat. Best if dipped and soaked in some milk. (alternative milk as well!)


The texture was chewy with a little bit of a hardness to them. The chocolate chunks added some softness to the overall texture.


The aroma of the matcha chunk cookies was the same as a “regular chocolate chip cookie” would smell. When you approached the area where the cookies were baked there was a hint of the matcha. Very interesting dynamic if you are used to smelling the original chocolate chip cookie. 


The color of the cookie is worth mentioning! It has a green hue that was not too bright nor too dark. (If you celebrate St. Patty’s Day then this is a great addition to your baked goods!) Unfortunately, the green hue of the cookies does not come through in these photos. Our camera does not do the cookies justice!


Creating these cookies was an interesting experience and we have learned to not create so many at once and only cook small batches. We ended up eating too many and had stomach aches (probably from the sugar). 

To be honest, at this point we would share the recipe with you but the recipe got lost in time… So, instead we shared our experiences of eating some dark chocolate matcha cookies.

Thank you for taking the time to read our experiences eating these cookies. We look forward to bringing you our next matcha treat. (recipe included!)

We will create better tasting and have a more enjoyable matcha cookie experience in the coming future. Or we may mess up and we will write about those episodes as well. It takes failures to really appreciate the success! 🙂